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Do You Want To Create A Professional Fashion Or Lifestyle Blog Before The End Of The Week?
I’ll Show You Our 3-Step Framework For Creating A Professional Blog So Instead Of Spending Your Whole Week Trying To Learn What Tools To Use And How To Use Them, You Can Start Creating Content Right Away.
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Monday, August 15, 2022, 
11:00am CST
Michael McCall
Web Developer/Blog Consultant
Limited Availability
Only 20 spots total.
Sick of Doing Hours upon Hours of “How To” Research, Only To End Up With More Questions than Answers?
Man, have we been there before?!

We talk to so many content creators who have spent 10, 20, some even over 50+ hours trying to scour the internet to learn how to create a blog, hoping this next resource will be the one that finally brings it all together, only to be left with, at best, a half working website that is far from their vision or, at worst, nothing except for a deeper appreciation for their favorite bottle of wine.

They’ve looked everywhere: YouTube how to videos, step by step posts from tech blogs, tips and tricks from their favorite content creators…

…and at the end of the day, they feel like they’re left with a random box full of mismatched pieces from different puzzles. And they don’t even have the picture on the front of the box to reference!
We Know You’re Busy Creating Some Awesome Content, So We’ll Get Straight To The Point. Most Influencers & Content Creators Are Facing Three Big Problems When It Comes To Creating A Professional Blog:
Which one is keeping you stuck?


There’s way too much information out there and they don’t know where to start. Google and YouTube are honestly incredible resources! But with all of the information, different opinions, and limitless options out there, it’s hard to feel confident they’ll be able to piece it all together.


They found a few resources to help them get started, but they can’t piece everything together. Maybe they found a resource to help them get started, but somewhere along the way they get stuck. With so many moving pieces and no definitive guide to put them together, it’s hard to get a website fully set up like you’d like it to be!


They hired someone to create their blog who just doesn’t understand their industry. But can you blame them?! The content creator and influencer marketing industry is pretty unique compared to other industries! We’ve had to clean up quite a few blogs created by people or companies that just didn’t understand what our client needed or how they would use it.

If you’re staring at the screen going, “That’s me!” then GOOD. You’re not alone, and we’re glad you’re here.

Because here’s the good news:

There’s a solution.

What you need is a start to finish solution. Something created by someone who knows exactly how your business works and all the exact tools you will need to bring your website to life. No more endless streams of tutorials, desperately trying to piece them together. No more help from someone who doesn’t truly know what you need!

You need something tailor made for you… and you finally found it!

Fashion And Lifestyle Blog, Content Creator Website, Or Whatever You’d Like To Call It! We’ve Been Building And Managing Them For Clients Since 2016

Hi! My name is Michael McCall. Husband, father, ice cream enthusiast, impromptu dancer, and (most importantly for you) web developer and blog consultant. I’m here to help you stop spinning your wheels, searching endlessly for resources on how to create a blog, and actually have one already so you can get onto creating content! Which is what you’d rather be doing anyways, right??

Honestly, the internet is pretty awesome (*says the nerd*). But it’s also kind of overwhelming… You can search and find just about anything you want, but how do you make sure you find exactly what you need?

The truth is, I’ve been doing this for years now and I’m always learning new things, in part because there’s so much to learn and in part because it changes so often.

After working as a web developer for a little bit elsewhere, I got a job at a company called rewardStyle (aka LikeToKnow.It, now called LTK) and got tossed into the world of content creators and influencers in 2016.

In my position there, I worked with some of our top influencers and content creators daily, helping them with their websites and blogs. I also got to run around internationally to some of our events consulting with the attendees on their websites and blogs.

During my time there, I had the opportunity to work on and with hundreds of websites and blogs. I got to see the inner workings of a lot of websites and see a lot of what worked and what didn’t. Then after leaving and starting to build custom websites on my own for my own clients, I got an even deeper appreciation for all that goes into a successful blog.

On the flip side, I would often get messages or emails from people looking to get a blog off the ground, but they were totally lost in the process. I used to just wish I could help them, knowing that there just wasn’t a lot out there to really get them going, but I wasn’t able to do help in a way that matched their price points.

Finally, I thought… Why don’t we turn the entire process into a framework that they can easily use to get started right away?! That’d be pretty awesome… So, we did :)

Now, you don’t need to scour the internet trying every. last. tutorial.

Now, you don’t need to hire someone who either doesn’t know the industry or requires you to sell your kidney (or both) to cover the costs.

We’ve converted our process into a framework that guides you through each step of creating a professional blog with all the same tools we use for our clients! That was long overdue! So… go ahead and put down your abnormally full glass of wine, set aside your pint (or quart, no judgment…) of ice cream, and let’s take a deep breath.

This framework was made so that YOU can unlock your full potential and take your brand to the next level.

Here’s How to Create a Professional Blog in 3 Simple Steps…

  STEP N° 1

Determine your goals and who your audience is. Spend some time thinking of these and jot the answer to these down somewhere.

FUN FACT #1: Knowing these two things is the foundation of any good website. Everything starts here.

  STEP N° 2

Determine what pages your website needs and what content will be on those pages.

FUN FACT #2: These should all be based on what you determined from step 1. If you start here without doing the first step, then you’ll be flying blind.

  STEP N° 3

Decide which software and tools you’ll use and build your blog to include the pages you already determined.

FUN FACT #3: Not all website creation tools are created equal! Each comes with different pros and cons, so it’s important to know what all you need from your website.

Dream with us for a minute. Imagine what it would be like to…

Spend more time doing what you actually love by creating content for your audience vs. spinning your wheels trying to get your website up and running.
Expand your reach and help more people with your content, all the while creating an additional passive income stream for yourself.
Stop worrying about what happens if Instagram decides to change their algorithm and you’re left out to dry.
Build a brand that you feel confident in when creating relationships with retailers and brands.

If all that gets you a little giddy inside, then just wait until you see the framework we’ve created to help you actually make it a reality. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Cue The Quick Fix...

“Website in a Weekend” LIVE Workshop Session

The only LIVE & interactive workshop for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content creators that teaches you how to create a website for your influencer brand, so you can quit wasting your time and start cranking out high quality blog content for your audience. You don’t have to do it over a weekend, but you could.
  • No more scouring YouTube trying to piece together a handful of different tutorials
  • No more getting help from someone only to find out they thought you wanted an e-commerce website
  • No more telling your audience and friends that your blog is “coming soon”
Just everything you need to plan and create a quality, professional blog that will make your audience excited to use it and brands excited to partner with you. No matter if you’ve never created a website before or consider yourself not “tech savvy”.

If you’re ready to give up on the endless internet search and have your blog done before work on Monday, then you’re going to want to press that button and get started!

Here’s what’s waiting for you when you grab your ticket to the workshop:


PART 1 / Website Define Process

Most content creators and influencers skip over this or take it for granted, but it’s the foundation to creating a successful website. That’s why in this lesson, you’ll learn how to better understand yourself, your goals, and your audience. We’ll also show you how to define your niche and solidify your content pillars, so that you know exactly what’s most important when creating your website.

What We'll Work On


Add-On Bonus: DIY Branding Bundle

In case you don’t already have branding, or maybe you’re looking for a refresh, we’re going to give you our DIY branding bundle so you can create a brand you’re proud of.

Our DIY branding bundle comes with a variety of color palettes and font style guides that you can mix and match to your liking. Each style guide has a group of fonts that compliment each other and instructions on how to use them on your website, including which font is best used for the logo, headings, buttons, and body copy.


PART 2 / Website Design Process

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? We shouldn’t build a website without a plan either. In this lesson, we’ll review your business goals and make that plan, covering exactly what pages you should include and what content should be on each page to make sure you don’t just have a website that works, but one that helps you achieve your goals.

What We'll Work On


ADD ON BONUS: Inspirational Website Library

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve included our inspirational website library. The library is a curated list of websites by content creators and influencers in different stages of their career.

Use this list to learn what others are doing and to help you get creative in any question or challenge you face.


PART 3 / Website Develop Process

With a seemingly endless amount of different tools to be used, it can be pretty confusing and overwhelming to determine which you should use, when, and why. In this lesson, we’ll talk through our development toolkit. We’ll cover all of our favorite software and tools that we use to build and manage our clients websites. What are they, why we like them, and how much they cost, so that you can go and put them to work for YOU.

What We'll Work On


ADD ON BONUS: Our Development Toolkit

To make your life easier, we’re going to give you our exact development toolkit that we use for our private clients.

This one bonus alone is worth the cost of the entire workshop. This will save you hours upon hours of researching through the seemingly infinite options you can use to develop a website.


Even though we believe those who show up live will get the most out of the experience, we totally get that emergencies do happen.

That’s why we are recording the workshop and it will be available for you to watch for the lifetime of the program.

We’ll send you out the replay link and presentation slides as soon as it’s ready to watch.

And we’re throwing in a few more bonuses for good measure!

We want to make sure you are well prepared to get your blog up and running as soon as possible, which is why we’re handing over these supercharged shortcuts to make creating your blog even easier.

The SEO Foundations Guide

If your posts only last for a short time, then your website is hardly better than a social platform. You want to keep your content getting traffic long after you publish it, which is why we're giving you this guide with the top 7 Blog SEO tips to make sure your content ranks on Google for a long time to come.

Our Pinterest Crash Course

Now that you have your blog, let's grow your traffic. Our Pinterest Crash Course covers all you need to know to get started with Pinterest today. Learn how to optimize your page, profile, and pins & some of our favorite strategies to get started and grow on Pinterest.

OUr Complete Images Guide

Images are so important to most content creators blogs, BUT there's a LOT to know... Don't worry, we've got you covered. In our complete images guide, you'll learn everything you need to know top to bottom, including different kinds of imagery, editing software, tools, gear, using images on your website, SEO and more!

Our Resource Library

When it comes to running a professional blog, learning all the different tasks involved can be overwhelming to say the least! That’s why we created a resource library with helpful articles covering topics like SEO, Pinterest, Monetization, Legal and more. This means you can spend less time Googling and more time actually putting things into action!

The “Define” Outline

As we mentioned above, knowing yourself and your goals is foundational to creating a successful blog. That’s why we’re sharing our one-page outline that we use with our private clients to help them better understand and define their business.

The Plugin Essentials Guide

Once you have your blog, you might find yourself wanting to add to it, and plugins are a great way to do that. If you don’t know what plugins are, don’t worry! We created this guide to cover all of your plugin questions, starting with “What are they?” and ending with “Which ones should I use and why?” Don’t waste time figuring out how to build your site OR how to add to it now or later!

SUPER BONUS: 1-On-1 Strategy Session

To make this even more of a no brainer, you’re also going to get a 1-on-1 strategy call. Let's review your plan and get you set up to succeed!

Unlike the robot dancer in the picture, you’ll go home feeling like the winner of this 1-on-1! Even better, this will happen in the days AFTER the workshop, which means you get to bring all your notes, questions, and ideas from the workshop and get feedback from Michael himself.

Full transparency: Because Michael gives his time, we don’t know how long we can offer this bonus, so if you need to get your blog off the ground right away, take advantage now before this bonus disappears forever.

We just threw a lot at you, so let’s recap all the good stuff you’re getting when you sign up:

  • Website Define Process ($197 Value)
  • Website Design Process ($197 Value) 
  • Website Develop Process ($197 Value)
  • DIY Branding Bundle ($397 Value)
  • Inspirational Website Library ($97 Value)
  • ​​The SEO Foundations Guide ($97 Value)
  • ​Our Pinterest Crash Course ($197 Value)
  • ​Our Complete Images Guide ($147 Value)
  • ​Our Development Toolkit ($97 Value)
  • ​Our Resource Library ($97 Value)
  • ​The Define Outline ($97 Value)
  • The Plugin Essentials Guide ($97 Value)

Total Value = $1914
Today's Price = Just $38

*This is a special offer at $38 and the price will be going up soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity

Don’t Just Take It From Me, Here’s a What Our
Clients Have to Say…

“Michael cares about each of his clients deeply and is equally invested in their success. Michael possesses incredible knowledge of the tech side of the business and also understands the very unique needs that influencers have. Michael is strategic, thoughtful, hardworking, creative, and above all, trustworthy and reliable. As a content creator for over a decade, I have learned how invaluable it is to have the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of the business as buttoned up as possible. Michael tackles all of our technical needs with confidence, and this allows me the freedom to focus on the creative and long-term planning aspects of the business. I do what I do best and Michael does what he does best – that’s the sign of a great partnership. Michael is invaluable and I feel so fortunate to have him in my corner.”

- Blair Eadie, The Atlantic Pacific

“Michael has been an absolute God send. When I was launching my new site, and ran into questions and obstacles my original developer could not answer/fix, Michael saved the day! He has such a breadth and depth of knowledge in the blogging influencer space… I’ve worked with him since the end of 2019 and appreciate his timely responses and kind demeanor. I just hired him for a second website and know he will deliver on what I need and also make helpful suggestions!”

- Amanda Marshall, Pardon Muah

“Michael has played a huge roll in my business over the last 5 years. Michael is one of my longest partners in business and he continues to make a huge impact in my business as I make large changes to my site and business (specifically on WordPress). He has executed the largest changes on my site and continues to help my brand and business grow with me. He is super easy to work with, kind, so helpful and also has great feedback and suggestions. He is incredibly responsive, professional and quick to reply – which can be a huge challenge to find in this industry. Michael has become a great friend as well! 10/10 recommend his services and skills to everyone and anyone.”

- Jessi Afshin, My Darling Diary

“Michael was amazing to work with! He created a perfect solution that allowed me to get a professional and polished style for the shoppable product feeds I use on my site. Michael’s expertise with affiliate product feeds and knowledge of programs like rewardStyle, along with his understanding of my content creation process, allowed him to create a solution that seamlessly works with the processes I already have in place. He also helped with so many other elements, from site speed to image optimization. I would highly recommend Michael and his company WP for Influencers to anyone using WordPress who is seeking professional support with all the details of running a successful business and website!”

- Sukey Murphy, Dress for the Wedding

Still not quite sure yet? Here’s what makes us and “Website in a Weekend” the best choice:

  •  We have some of the most experience in this space, bar none. We’ve   worked with influencers of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, health &   wellness and more. We know this industry like the back of our hand.
  • During Michael’s time working at rewardStyle/ and    since, we’ve worked with some of the biggest influencers and content creators in the industry. We’re not trying to toot our own horn, we just are confident that if they trust us with their websites, you can too.
  • Unlike other developers, we know your day to day, workflows, and tools. Heck, we even helped make some of the tools you might use. Sometimes these things are hard to communicate, especially if your developer doesn’t have previous experience. You don’t have to be able to speak perfect developer-ese. We know what you’re talking about even if you don’t know exactly how to say it.
  • We’re personable and easy to work with. We value communication and relationships highly and have worked with some of our clients since 2016 with no plans of stopping.
  • We care about your success. We know what it’s like to be in the situation you’re in, trying to get your business off the ground. We’re not just looking to get you in and out as quickly as possible, but we like to go above and beyond to make sure you are set up to succeed.

Here Are Some Of The Top Questions Our Students Wanted To Ask Before They Grabbed Their Ticket:

  How do I know if it’s the right fit for me ?
We designed this framework for people looking for a new fashion, lifestyle, beauty, or travel blog. It doesn’t matter if you have no previously created blog content or even if you have no followers on social media.

If you want a professional looking blog that will unlock you to create content and don’t want to have to scour the internet to figure it all out on your own, you’re in the right place!
 How much time will it take to create my blog?
All you need is a free weekend! If you have a couple days to sit down and knock this out, you can have it up and running in no time without missing out on your evening plans. Get a little sleep, grab a cup of coffee and have it ready to show off to your coworkers by Monday.
 Where is this workshop happening?
This is a virtual workshop. You’ll receive a link via email to the workshop and you can jump on anywhere you’ve got an internet connection!
What if I can’t make it live?
Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with access to the workshop recording, so you can watch whenever is best for you. However, I’ll be answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize growing your content creation business now, when will you?
 What if I decide this isn’t for me?
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the training, templates, and bonuses within 7 days of the workshop ending, we’ll gladly offer you a full refund.

That means you can enroll today, experience the training and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to absorb the replay and materials then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.
 What if I need extra support as I create my blog?
Throughout the training, we'll stop periodically to answer any questions you have to ensure you walk away with a plan that is certain to succeed.

And although it's not for everyone, if you want more help we can see if you're a good fit to come on as a private client where you get access to our personal launch team.

What you want is within reach, friend.

You just have to grab it. We’ve taken our years of experience in creating blogs for influencers and content creators and have turned it into a framework that you can plug into your business and customize so it works for you.

But most importantly… it takes out all of the guesswork.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have some amazing content to offer your audience. You wouldn’t be here if it was easy to throw together a professional blog that allowed you to share your content and help more people.

Which is exactly why this framework is important.

You have people to serve. Let’s make sure you have the right tools to serve them with.

How does that sound?
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